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The Clinical Medicine Center at Lerdsin Hospital


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Lerdsin Clinical Medicine Center

The inception of this idea arose from discussions among Dr. Prawit Limkuansuwan, M.D. (the 13th Director of Lerdsin Hospital, who was a consultant at Lerdsin Hospital), Clinical Professor Dr. Surawit Techathuvanont, M.D. (Dean of the College of Medicine), and Dr. Supachai Kunarattanapruek, M.D. (Executive Dean at that time). They envisioned that the academic prosperity of the hospital could significantly thrive if it became a university hospital, offering medical education to students. This must stem from the desire of Lerdsin Hospital’s own physicians.

Led by Dr. Uthai Tansalarak, M.D. (Director of Lerdsin Hospital), the management of Lerdsin initiated multiple discussions with staff at all levels. Ultimately, they approved the decision “to wholeheartedly engage in teaching medical students, for the advancement of medical academia at Lerdsin Hospital, as well as to contribute to the production of doctors for the country, which still faces shortages. Lastly, it is an opportunity to provide high school students who aspire to study medicine with access.” Details of establishing a medical school are not simple, and the people of Lerdsin need to be aware of the various steps that need to be prepared thoroughly.

September 28, 2011

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Dr. Rewat Wisarutvech, M.D. (Director-General of the Department of Medical Services) and Dr. Arthit Ourairat (President). Thereafter, it became the responsibility of the dean to prepare the curriculum and present a development plan for evaluation by the Medical Council.

October 11, 2012

The Medical Council resolved to designate Lerdsin Hospital as another primary hospital for medical education under Rangsit University’s College of Medicine. It will accept 30 medical students for the academic year 2013, and the first-year medical students of Lerdsin will commence their clinical rotations (Year 4) in the academic year 2016. Lerdsin’s first batch of medical graduates will complete their studies by the end of the academic year 2018.

Present Day

The Director of Lerdsin Hospital and faculty members are actively preparing various tasks, including construction work for the Clinical Medicine Center office, classrooms, student dormitories, and physician accommodations at Lerdsin Hospital. Additionally, they are developing faculty members to ensure readiness for teaching, curriculum management, and achieving the ongoing goal of becoming a quality medical school.